Streamlining the Connections to Mental Wellbeing Care and Resources


Streamlining the Connections to Mental Wellbeing Care and Resources

Optimize mental health support delivery through the accessible CredibleMind SmartScreen. This user-friendly platform delivers immediate, confidential assessments and personalized resource pathways to individuals in need. No more navigation through complex systems or frustrating wait times. SmartScreen empowers individuals with the knowledge and options they need, right at their fingertips. Invest in their wellbeing and experience a ripple effect of improved health, engagement, and resilience.

CM SmartScreen Workflow

Streamlining the Behavioral Health Intake Process

Key Features:

Engage members and easier navigation

Flexible Rules Engine platform

Identify higher-risk cases early 

Boost in-network utilization

Improved allocation of clinical resources

Improved member experience and satisfaction

In an era where mental health is paramount, CredibleMind SmartScreen emerges as a vital ally. It reshapes the journey toward mental wellness, making it more accessible, immediate, and aligned with the diverse needs of today’s society. Embrace the change with SmartScreen, where better mental health starts with smarter access.

For Health Plans

  • Identifying high risk members early
  • Triage and appropriate navigation to clinical services
  • Optimizing clinical care delivery: (treating those that need/want clinical care while diverting others to self care – improved scheduling etc)
  • Increasing in-network utilization

For Public Health Departments

  • Empower Communities, Early and Often: Bridge the gap with immediate access to mental health assessments and resources, empowering individuals to seek preventative care and navigate the system easily. This mitigates long-term public health burdens and fosters proactive well-being.
  • Destigmatize, Educate, Engage: Promote mental health awareness and destigmatize seeking help through a user-friendly platform. Encourage open conversations and proactive support within communities, strengthening your overall public health initiatives.
  • Allocate Resources Strategically: Identify areas of greatest need within your community with pinpoint accuracy. This data-driven approach allows you to prioritize resource allocation effectively, maximizing your impact across diverse populations.

For Hospitals and Health Systems

  • Revolutionize Patient Flow: Optimize patient intake by quickly pinpointing mental health needs, ensuring individuals receive the right care at the right time. This improves patient satisfaction and operational efficiency, reducing pressure on your system.
  • Reduce Length of Stay, Cut Readmissions: By identifying and addressing mental health concerns early, you can improve patient outcomes and minimize lengthy stays and costly readmissions. This translates to enhanced quality of care and lower healthcare costs.
  • Free Up Valuable Time for Your Clinicians: Empower patients with self-assessments and resource connections, reducing the administrative burden on healthcare professionals. This allows them to focus on delivering quality patient care, optimizing workflow, and enhancing clinical effectiveness.

For Small to Mid-size Employers

  • Invest in a Thriving Workforce: Foster a healthier, more engaged workplace by providing employees with immediate access to mental health resources. This proactive approach improves employee wellbeing and productivity, minimizing absenteeism and boosting retention.
  • Curb Turnover and Absenteeism: Address mental health concerns early and effectively, reducing employee turnover and absenteeism caused by untreated conditions. This translates to cost savings and a more stable, productive workforce.
  • Cost-Effective EAP Alternative: Offer a more affordable and accessible solution compared to traditional EAPs. With SmartScreen, you reach a wider employee base and deliver a greater impact for your investment.

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