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Focus on Prevention and Early Intervention

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Empower Personalized Skill Development

Elevate Mental Health Support with CredibleMind

Welcome to the CredibleMind Wellbeing Platform, your partner in revolutionizing mental health support for diverse organizations and individuals. Prioritizing mental and emotional wellbeing is essential in navigating the complexities of modern life. CredibleMind offers innovative solutions tailored to empower you in fostering holistic wellness for the individuals you support. Solutions offered on the Platform include CredibleMind SelfCare, CredibleMind SmartScreen, and CredibleMind LearningLab with The Flourishing Course.

CredibleMind SelfCare: Promoting Prevention and Early Intervention

CredibleMind SelfCare takes a proactive stance by promoting prevention and early intervention. Through personalized and accessible support, this offering equips individuals with the tools and resources necessary to address challenges early, mitigating the impact of mental health issues. With a comprehensive suite of resources, individuals can confidently navigate their wellness journey, ensuring they have the support needed to thrive. 

CredibleMind SmartScreen: Facilitating Navigation to Appropriate Care

CredibleMind SmartScreen facilitates navigation to appropriate care by providing confidential assessments and personalized resource pathways to individuals. Designed to help individuals navigate to the most suitable resources, care, and providers, SmartScreen empowers them to find the support they need effectively.

Together, we’re not just improving mental health and wellbeing—we’re empowering individuals to flourish.

Health Plans

Public Health Departments

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Empowering Leaders to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing

Unlock convenient online access to thousands of evidence-based resources, all meticulously reviewed by both experts and users, ensuring a highly personalized experience. Enhance your strategies to address your population’s unique mental health and wellbeing needs with the CredibleMind Wellbeing Platform. Now more than ever, demonstrating support for mental health is crucial.

Amplify Investments in Strategic Initiatives.

Leverage the CredibleMind Wellbeing Platform to amplify investments you’ve already made in strategic mental health initiatives. By integrating your resources and initiatives, you can enhance their visibility and effectiveness, reaching a broader audience and making a more significant impact.

Help People Find Local Resources and Professional Services

Empower individuals to discover local resources, professional services, and related support options easily. Whether it’s accessing therapy services, support groups, or community resources, users can find the help they need quickly and efficiently through the platform.

Analytics Provide Insights Across Your Population

Gain valuable insights with analytics that serve as a “mental health mirror” across your population. By analyzing trends and patterns, you can identify areas of need and effectively plan intervention, prevention, and resilience strategies tailored to the specific needs of your organization or community.

Micro-Targeting for Laser-Focused Engagement

Utilize micro-targeting capabilities to engage specific audiences with tailored content and messaging. Whether targeting different age groups, gender identities, racial or ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, or other demographic segments, the platform enables you to deliver content that resonates most with each subgroup, fostering inclusivity and relevance.

What Clients are Saying

“This is a one-of-a-kind offering, driven by data scientists and academic experts that is helping ensure individuals seeking help on the web are getting credible, trustworthy resources.”


Tyler Norris, MDiv  |  Chief Executive, Well Being Trust

Innovative Thinking for Population Mental Health

Anxiety Screenings Are Expanding: Let’s Go Further to Help People Flourish

Anxiety Screenings Are Expanding: Let’s Go Further to Help People Flourish

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), a major nongovernmental agency that often guides healthcare screening practices, may finally recommend screening patients for anxiety. While this is a needed step, you can do more to help the population you serve, whether they are employees, community residents, or healthcare plan members. Many in your population are suffering, resulting in lost productivity and greater care costs.

The Unmet Needs Behind the ‘Quiet Quitting’ Trend

The Unmet Needs Behind the ‘Quiet Quitting’ Trend

The pandemic has impacted our lives in unimaginable ways. It’s given us the time and space to step out of our hamster-wheel lives and truly think about how we are spending our time, what we are prioritizing, and most importantly, what our attitudes are towards how we live. Before the pandemic, employees were accustomed to careers designed around an endless pursuit of more money and success. But, as the challenging and traumatic days, months, and years of the pandemic have passed, the helplessness so many of us felt in the beginning transformed into an unexplainable longing for something more, and eventually, the impetus to go out and find it.

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