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“NACCHO believes empowering communities to address behavioral health issues upstream, with a public health approach emphasizing early intervention strategies, is critical. We are excited to launch the Behavioral Health 360 partnership to help bring CredibleMind’s digital self-care platform to communities, enabling our members to expand behavioral health access rapidly and effectively, while combatting the stigma often associated with mental health.”

Lori Tremmel Freeman


Strengthen Your Community’s Mental Health

The country and your community are in a national mental health crisis. This program gives local leaders the tools to improve mental health locally through a public health lens:

Digital Mental Health Platform

Our turnkey, co-branded online solution promotes mental health awareness and proactive community engagement. It fosters preventive measures, early intervention, self-care, and screening.

Benchmark Reporting

Gain real-time insights on your community’s mental health needs and opportunities with analytics.


Best Practice Sharing

Engage with a lively network of like-minded professionals, all committed to the common goal of improving public mental health and wellbeing.  Join in to create a vibrant ecosystem of shared learning and mutual support.


Grant Opportunities

NACCHO members have access to various grants to finance their participation in Behavioral Health 360 initiatives. Complete the grant form to start the process.

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Watch the Announcement Replay

This short video from Lori Tremmel Freeman, NACCHO CEO, and Deryk Van Brunt, DrPH, CEO of CredibleMind and Clinical Professor at UC Berkeley describes how local public health leaders can address the national mental health crisis.

As we respond to the national mental health crisis, public health leaders are empowered by NACCHO’s Behavioral Health 360 program. Using innovative digital platforms, data insights, a community of shared learning, and grant opportunities, together we are forging a future where mental health and wellbeing are prioritized, cultivating healthier, more resilient communities for everyone.

Introductory Webinar

An on-demand replay for this NACCHO webinar to learn all about this new benefit for members. You’ll hear about all the program has to offer and how you can make an impact in your community.

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Coalition Efficiency: Uniting for Success

Often, community problems or issues (such as mental and behavioral health) are too large and complex for any one agency or organization to tackle. Putting together a coalition of schools, businesses, government, community organizations, or other affected groups can be an effective way to make an impact and achieve common goals.

How to Form a Coalition


We’re excited to partner with NACCHO to serve as the backbone for the Behavioral Health 360 program. For local public health officials, NACCHO is the premier source of learning, knowledge, and future-oriented research. It provides resources, education, ideas, and advocacy to enhance the voice and visibility of the critical role that local health departments play in keeping our communities healthy and safe. To learn more about getting involved, visit

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