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Case Study


California’s Valued Trust

In 2020, California’s Valued Trust needed to provide stressed education professionals with the tools required to cope with the complex challenges presented by COVID-19.

Discover how CredibleMind helped make that happen.

Results at a glance:

  • 50% of education professionals surveyed felt better about their future
  • 55% learned something new about themselves via CredibleMind
  • 71% better understood their mental health strengths and challenges 

Project Background

Stress is nothing new for education professionals – for years, the industry has dealt with reduced funding, increased responsibilities, and a host of other challenges. When COVID-19 took the world by storm in early 2020, dozens of new issues popped up throughout this already overburdened sector.

California’s Valued Trust (CVT), an organization responsible for administering health and wellness benefits throughout dozens of school districts in the state, needed to quickly and efficiently update their mental wellbeing capabilities to incorporate subjects like grief and dealing with loss. At the same time, they needed to continue providing their existing services to members during this challenging (and chaotic) time.

Our Collaboration

CVT reached out to their existing employee assistance program (EAP) provider and was referred to CredibleMind. Unlike other options, which focused primarily on stress and burnout, the CredibleMind platform offered a breadth of options – there are over 16,000 podcasts, videos, apps, books, and articles spread across 200+ topics that can be accessed anonymously and on-demand. Add in the fact that our informed, responsive customer and user support came vetted by their EAP, Beacon Health Options, and it was a near-perfect alignment.

Early Challenges & Hurdles

The technical setup was smooth, seamless, and speedy, but encouraging new users to join was a slightly taller order. Though CredibleMind UI/UX is intuitive, user-friendly, and incredibly approachable, teachers and other education professionals were not aware of the platform or its potential benefit to their mental wellbeing.

Working closely with our Customer Success Manager, CVT was able to leverage their existing district-wide e-blast campaign and the Wellbeing Champions throughout various California school districts to spread the word. At the same time, our team launched quarterly incentivized campaigns that rewarded assessment participants with the chance to win a gift certificate. Topics covered included flourishing, sleep, resilience and anxiety – the results were designed to provide insights into mental health and offer actionable next steps.

Increased Engagement and Continued Growth

Combined, these initiatives increased site traffic, platform sign-ups, and overall engagement – the platform currently has over 8,000 unique users.

Though it is difficult to quantify the success of a health and wellness program, the results of our user surveys have been promising:

  • 50% of education professionals surveyed felt better about their future
  • 55% learned something new about themselves via CredibleMind
  • 59% used the assessment to identify a helpful mental health resource
  • 41% initiated a major, everyday change because of the program 
  • 71% better understood their mental health strengths and challenges 

“Any organization with a genuine concern and vested interest in their staff’s mental and emotional health can benefit from CredibleMind!”



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