Powering Community Mental Health And Resiliency.

Rethinking the approach to mental health: A more comprehensive and strategic game plan

Making Mental Health a Community-Wide Priority

As the prevalence and toll soar, mental health is central to a community’s health agenda. Because of the reciprocal relationship between community and individual, creating a culture of mental health and a community of action is critical.

Broadening Reach, Deepening Impact

With provider shortages and barriers to care, a widely available systematic provision of evidence-based self-care can modify risks across the multitude of determinants and strengthen coping mechanisms in your community.

Providing A Local Lens On Mental Health

Knowledge through search and assessment data provide a picture of areas where your constituents struggles. This provides a community mental health profile and informs other local activities and events to drive improvement.

We are focused on destigmatizing seeking help for mental health issues, creating easier access to trustworthy resources, and integrating a broad wellness orientation across our community.



The Digital Community Hub that promotes mental wellness, prevents mental illness, and intervenes at the beginning of illness.

Six strategic building blocks to address mental health and well-being “upstream.”


Your community’s branded, localized digital platform to amplify and connect, provide a supportive environment, and send a message that we care about your mental health. The easy-to-use web and mobile platform can be tweaked for populations or strategies.


As your centralized mental health site, the platform connects and integrates other local events/activities/resources for broad participation and behavior change.

Comprehensive content

Spanning more than 230 risk and protective factors across the multitude of determinants and curating 16,000+ self-care resources and evidence-based interventions.


User analytics help your community derive meaningful insight through mental health profiles, monitoring needs, measuring behavior change over time, and informing other activities.

Engagement Tools

Ongoing communication and marketing tools to help support broad usage levels and to sustain adherence across your community.

Administrative Automation

Our team deploys, manages, and continuously updates your platform to innovate faster, scale easily, and provide security to your platform.


The number of people that are in an optimal mental health state.

1 in 8

Adult hospital visits involving mental illness/substance us.


The gap between need for mental health treatment and available resources.


Years of life lost to those with serious mental health illness.

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