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California’s Valued Trust Wins the CredibleMind Flourishing Award


California’s Valued Trust (CVT) has won the CredibleMind Flourishing Award for its efforts to promote mental health and emotional wellbeing among its members. With more than 162,000 members, CVT represents K-14 school districts, community colleges, and county education offices throughout California. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the education community hard, and the mental health toll on members has been palpable. In response, CVT has developed its own programs and partnered with healthcare companies specializing in mental health and emotional prosperity to provide resources that align with members’ individual learning styles and preferences.

CVT has implemented a multi-channel communication program to reach its members and promote flourishing and overall wellbeing. The key communication methods have been:

1) Direct to Member Outreach

Utilizing email communication through CredibleMind and Beacon Health Systems (now Carelon Behavioral Health Wellbeing), CVT engaged directly with its members. CVT worked closely with each organization to develop relevant content that would engage users and educate them on the importance of wellbeing through topics like self-care, stress, and suicide prevention.

2) $0 Copays for Telehealth

CVT waived copays for most of its members throughout the state to encourage more members to take advantage of its telehealth resources, which provide convenient access to behavioral health services while avoiding crowded emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and primary care facilities.

3) Emotional Wellbeing Toolkits

In 2020, CVT began developing its emotional wellbeing toolkits, creating three unique versions for Union Chapter Leaders, School District Administrators, and CVT Members. The toolkit contains information on how to access counseling services and view informational videos, articles, and other tools through their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider, along with links to other services like CredibleMind.

4) Wellbeing Champion Program

CVT has more than 30 Wellbeing Champions located throughout California. Champions are site leaders who have been nominated by the school district administration. Each Champion gives their time, energy, and enthusiasm to lead worksite wellness within their districts. Their role is to support the health and wellbeing of their coworkers through the coordination of wellness activities and the distribution of health-related information.

 5) Leading Seminars and Workshops. 

The staff at CVT travel throughout the state to bring wellbeing workshops to their members. Examples of workshops include “Everyday Stress Management,” “Achieving a Better Work-Life Balance,” and “Mindfulness 101.”

Engagement across all programs has increased over the past three years. In 2023, CVT plans to expand on its work by growing the wellness program, conducting member opinion research on the value of these programs, and continuing to educate through presentations and conferences. CVT’s work to engage its members through a variety of channels has awarded them the 2023 CredibleMind Promoting Flourishing Award.

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