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As the burden of mental health issues grows in our workplaces and communities, discover how  CredibleMind can help fuel your countermeasures. We bring convenient online access to thousands of evidence-based resources, all reviewed by both experts and users for a highly personalized experience.

CredibleMind integrates your brand and customized links to your resources. Plus, you’ll have access to analytics that give you the mental health “pulse” of your organization or community.

Together we’ll help individuals go beyond improving their mental health and wellbeing—we’re empowering them to flourish.


  • Improve productivity through reduced absenteeism/presenteeism.
  • Improve employee retention through workplace satisfaction.
  • Foster greater employee resilience with self-empowerment tools.
  • Build a culture of wellbeing and improve workplace safety.
  • Lower medical and disability costs  (the annual costs for mental health are increasing twice as fast as all other medical conditions; 50% of the annual costs of treating depression is shouldered by employers) and decrease disability costs

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Health Systems & Hospitals

For Patients

  • Improve health outcomes by addressing comorbid conditions.
  • Reduce readmission rates through mental health self-care tools and resources.
  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues and create awareness of how prevalent they are.

    For Clinical Teams and Leadership

    • Reduce staff turnover and burnout with a convenient and practical resource.
    • Improve overall productivity while reducing medical errors.
    • Tie into your Community Health Needs Assessment implementation strategies related to mental health.


    Public Health Departments

    • Positively address mental health issues for families and individuals.
    • Improved total health throughout your community with better access to information and resources.
    • Reduce the risk of other chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.
    • Offer initial solutions for behavioral health issues including depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

      Community Coalitions

      • Reduce hospitalizations and free up inpatient beds.
      • Reduce the risk of other chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity.
      • Reduce the risk of other behavioral health issues and rates of suicide.
      • Reduce the impact on other socio-determinants, such as homelessness, unemployment, and reduced educational attainment.
      • Improved access to care through reduced volume of those using self-care.
      • Build a community culture of wellbeing.

      Health Plans

      Reduce the impact of those with co-existing chronic conditions with mental health issues, which can drive up care costs by 300%.

      Reduce the percentage of out-of-network claims, which are much higher for mental health episodes.

      Positively affect disability claims by addressing mental health issues—a leading cause worldwide.

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