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Sober Grid Inks Partnership with CredibleMind, Bringing Digital Mental Health Resources, Assessments, and Guidance

Dec 20, 2021

  • Sober Grid will be able to offer clients custom, browser-based web portals designed with their community’s mental health needs in mind.
  • Peer coaches assist in guiding members through the resources and assessments, intervening as needed throughout the

Cleveland, Ohio – December 15, 2021 – Sober Grid and CredibleMind announced a commercial partnership designed to bring comprehensive resources to both parties’ clients and members in need. Hosting the world’s oldest social media community for those in recovery, Sober Grid has advanced into communities, labor unions, mental health systems, and more to provide peer recovery coaching and substance disorder relief.

CredibleMind subsequently has used its experienced team of mental health professionals to design a system of mental health resources bespoke to the individual. They work with organizations to reduce stigma, provide interventions, and produce measurable outcomes for their clients. The CredibleMind is backed by science to affect lasting change through engaging materials.

“We are excited about working with Sober Grid to help organizations not only provide a one-stop-shop for mental health self-care but now be able to provide peer support and peer recovery options for people experiencing substance use disorder. Working together helps our clients move to an integrated model that is needed to address the mental illness and substance abuse/chemical dependency crisis they face,” said Deryk Van Brunt, DrPH, CEO of CredibleMind.

We are pleased to partner with Credible Mind as this collaboration creates a comprehensive experience for our clients,” said Sober Grid, COO, Wendy Warrington. “Leveraging our highly complementary platforms will provide best in class resources, anonymity, and flexibility to individuals when seeking drug and alcohol support and mental health resources – anywhere and anytime they need it. This also aligns with our strategy to continue to help more individuals, organizations, and communities.”


About Sober Grid

Sober Grid is a free iOS/Android app that connects you with other people in or seeking recovery from Substance Use Disorders. Members are instantly connected to a global community in their neighborhoods and around the globe. Members can build strong support networks and inspire others. Sober Grid, Founded by CEO Beau Mann, started because he was looking for a supportive community that could be accessed anytime anywhere. Today it is a platform full of evidence-based tools to help anyone get instant addiction support. Sober Grid now offers affordable 24/7 Certified Peer Coaches to assist individuals in their recovery. Its peer coaches are trained and certified to help you along your recovery journey. For more information, visit

About CredibleMind

CredibleMind enables payers, public health departments, employers, insurers, healthcare providers, and community organizations to provide their constituents with a comprehensive and holistic ecosystem for the prevention and early intervention of mental illness. Complete with assessments, education, and interventions that empower users to engage in mental wellbeing, each customized platform offers connections to local community resources and population-level analytics. For more information visit

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