The Perfect Pair:
COVID-19 Vaccine +
Mental health Booster

Is Your Resilience Plan Complete?


How Your Organization and Brand Can Offer Everyone a Dose of Resilience

As more and more people get their COVID-19 vaccination, attention is now turning to what we can do to address mental health issues that have arisen or intensified over the past year. According to the latest American Psychological Association snapshot, 84% are actually struggling with at least one emotion stemming from prolonged stress in the prior two weeks.

Accessible Support for Everybody

While 75% of adults look for self-help solutions for their mental health issues and wellbeing, 95% of the resources they discover are not science-backed or evidence-based. That’s where you can make a difference. Put over 230 self-help topics at their fingertips, pulling from more than 16,000 multi-media resources. All curated by experts, rated by other users, and continually refreshed by AI and machine learning.

Plus they can take on the spot any of the 17 short assessments to see how Covid has affected their mental health with suggestions on how to start taking action immediately, including resources offered by your organization.


Mental health population alerts to address needs strategically

You’ll have access to powerful analytics to gain visibility on underlying concerns within the community that no other platform can show you.  This enables you to more strategically create programs and offer resources that will have the biggest impact.

You can launch in about a week

As the vaccine roll-out accelerates through the spring, now is the time to get your complete vaccine plan in place. And that includes the mental health booster. The platform is easy to customize for your organization so that your local resources are featured prominently.

Let’s Talk

Explore the best strategy for your community or organization by scheduling an online meeting today:


Struggling with at least one emotion from prolonged stress over the past two weeks.


Try to solve mental health issues on their own.


US adults who have mental health issues in their lifetime… 1 in 5 each year.

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