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Transform Your Company Culture Using CredibleMind’s Mental Health Data

May 21, 2022

When your company partners with CredibleMind, your employees gain access to a curated wealth of mental health resources, and your company leadership receives continuous population analytics illuminating your team’s mental health risks and site usage behavior. There are endless possibilities to how this data can be used to provide insight into the mental health of your employee population and help shape meaningful initiatives.

By Shimar Clements, MSW

As a digital mental health company, CredibleMind collects an abundance of data that ranges from user behavior to user demographics, assessment results, and more. CredibleMind appeals to users by ensuring anonymity and confidentiality. Anonymous usage is an option, but even when users access our more personalized CredibleMind experience via voluntary registration and single-sign on (SSO) functionality, any data reported to clients is provided at a population level as opposed to an individual level. With the help of our client success managers, achieving a healthy percentage of active CredibleMind users allows you to use the monthly user statistics to make inferences about the mental health of your entire employee population.

Let’s preview a small sample of the reports clients receive from CredibleMind and show how this data can be used to shift your company’s culture around mental health.

Assessment Statistics

Assessments are one of the most utilized features on the CredibleMind website. In addition to showing how many people are taking each assessment, client reports display the population-level scoring breakdown as well as a comparison of your employees’ scores against our other users. Including these graphs in company newsletters or mental health-related presentations offers an easy way to open the conversation about vulnerable topics. Articles in Forbes and Harvard Business Review suggest that senior leaders practicing transparency about their own mental health challenges encourages others to seek help when they need it.[1],[2] Demonstrating an interest in this information lets employees know that you are invested in their mental health journeys. The data from our assessments may also lead you to do additional surveying to get more specific information about mental health metrics flagged within the reports CredibleMind provides you.

Top Topics

Tracking most popular topics offers a view into what areas of interest and challenges your employees may be experiencing. Seeing how trends change over time may demonstrate that certain times of year or other shared events are having an impact on your employees’ wellness. With this insight, you can build in preventive measures to prevent burnout and minimize stressors. This may look like more flexibility in work hours and virtual work around the holidays, emergency childcare and eldercare when big deliverables are due, or training supervisors on key topics.[3],[4] We have seen significant shifts in topic usage throughout the pandemic, with topics such as Mindfulness and Meditation becoming increasingly popular over the months. This data allows you to see, in nearly real-time, your employees’ highest concerns.

Top Resources

With knowledge of the top resources being viewed and top resource types, your company can reach employees through the mediums they prefer. If the CredibleMind data demonstrates a particular interest in a specific book or podcast, your company may want to host a book club or listening group around that podcast  in order to continue the conversation around a particular topic. If a specific app appears popular, your company could sponsor a premium membership for employees so that they can continue to maximize benefits for their mental health.

CredibleMind is a one-stop shop platform for all mental wellbeing self-care. This evidence-based mental wellbeing information system covers all mental health topics where users can identify and learn what they can do to improve their mental health.

Discover how self-care data can supercharge your mental health strategy!

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