Powering Your Mental Wellbeing Strategy

Making Mental Health a Strategic Priority

You want your people to thrive emotionally and mentally. It produces stronger focus, better engagement, and simply makes good business sense. Stress, anxiety, and depression hit your bottom line. Established programs like EAPs and new single-point solution apps struggle to sustain utilization and engagement. Innocence keeps people from recognizing difficulty early and stigma keeps people from asking for help when they need it. Web searches provide no help in separating the good from the questionable.

Broadening Reach, Deepening Impact

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead of a single app, you can offer the best apps, videos, podcasts, articles, books, and other resources available on more than 230 topics – over 16,000 expert-curated resources all in one place. And this number dynamically grows as we constantly search for new reliable and credible content. Choice architecture provides the freedom to choose from a full range of topics from help-seeking to growth and mindfulness.

Providing A Local Lens On Mental Health

Self-care becomes an actionable, reportable part of your benefits strategy and evaluation. Knowledge through search and assessment data provide a picture of areas where your people struggle and where they thrive. This provides a population mental health profile and informs other benefits and programs to drive improvement.

We launched CredibleMind to help our employees and their family members improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing. This has always been an important topic to us and with the recent changes and stressors we are facing globally due to the pandemic, the need for these evidence-based resources are greater than ever.



The Digital Navigation Hub that promotes mental wellness, intervenes at the beginning of a concern, and strengthens coping.

Six strategic building blocks to address mental health and well-being “upstream.”


Your organization’s branded digital platform to amplify and connect, provide a supportive environment, and send a message that we care about your mental health. The easy-to-use web and mobile platform can be modified to meet your needs.


As your centralized navigation hub, the platform connects and integrates other benefits and resources for broad participation.

Comprehensive content

Spanning more than 230 topics and curating 16,000+ evidence-based self-care resources.


User analytics help your community derive meaningful insight through mental health profiles, monitoring needs, measuring behavior change over time, and informing other activities.

Engagement Tools

 Ongoing communication and marketing tools to help support broad usage levels and to sustain adherence across your organization.

Administrative Automation

Our team deploys, manages, and continuously updates your platform to innovate faster, scale easily, and provide security.


The annual number of adults experiencing a diagnosable mental health issue.

11 Years

Average delay in the treatment of anxiety from symptom onset to treatment.


Those who need
mental health help but
go it alone.


Amount of unvalidated mental health resources found online.

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