Rethink Mental Health

An Intervention to Improve Mental Health Equity

Results of Using the CredibleMind Platform

By Jonathan Adler, MD, FACEP, and Hmellisa Mlo, MPH

Health equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be healthy—physically, mentally, and spiritually. For much of our healthcare system, this requires removing barriers to access such as stigma, poverty, and discrimination, and their consequences.

Most corporations and institutions are not in a position to “fix” healthcare inequity, yet there are steps that organizations can take to improve health equity and particularly mental-health equity for their people. A significant intervention is to partner with a platform that breaks down barriers and engages users to get the help they need.

CredibleMind is a platform that uses a population-health approach focused on prevention and early intervention. About 75% of people facing a mental health concern tackle it without professional intervention. The CredibleMind platform supports all people and addresses mental health and flourishing by providing assessments, evidence-based approaches, and rated resources to help users on their journey to improve wellbeing.

Breadth of Content

The CredibleMind platform includes:

  • More than 200 topics that address important concerns spanning the full spectrum of mental wellbeing from mental illness (Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, etc.) to spiritual growth and flourishing (Compassion, Mindfulness, Self-Transcendence, etc.).
  • Weekly, timely, and topical blog posts (at least 160 and growing) take on “hot” topics prevalent in the media and challenges to care that break down stigma.
  • Evidence- and science-based approaches which allow the user to select the one that works best for them. This has two additional benefits:
    • It provides a pathway for those facing “pre-clinical” challenges who want to build resilience and flourishing skills. 
    • It provides a pathway to personal, cultural, and community-preferred interventions. More than 15,000 ranked multimedia resources (apps, videos, books, articles, podcasts, etc.) offer practical tools to help people on their journey.

Built with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • The CredibleMind platform includes diverse content and a filtering tool that enables users to find and benefit from content specific to their life situation or identity. This creates special value among community groups such as clinicians, LGBTQ+, college students, etc.
  • CredibleMind engages editors and content curators who are experts in their fields and/or members of a particular community identity. For example, many of our articles for college students are written by college students. Our “Race, Inclusion & Wellbeing” topic area is curated by a Black woman, and our LGBTQ+ topic area is curated by someone who identifies as Queer. A diversity of voices ensures that users have access to the best evidence-based interventions and resources to build a personal self-care plan that is both culturally and socially relevant to each person’s unique identity and circumstances.
  • This mission-driven philosophy creates success for users by solving “The Matching Problem”—the reality that each individual has their own needs, goals, learning style, and cultural milieu. The platform unlocks personalized mental health support.

Improved User Outcomes

Use of the CredibleMind platform is associated with increased wellbeing. Respondents to a 2021 survey of CredibleMind users reported that after using the platform, they:

  • Improved their outlook: 71%
  • Better understood their mental health strengths and challenges: 76%
  • Felt better about themselves: 70%
  • Learned a new skill or practice: 61%
  • Changed their behavior: 57%

In conclusion, corporations and institutions can take significant steps to improve health equity for their employees and the populations they serve. In a world in which there are not enough professionals to meet the need and where 75% of those in need prefer self-care options, the CredibleMind platform delivers a valuable evidence-based early intervention system that enables employers, insurers, healthcare providers, and community organizations to break down barriers to health equity, support consumer-centric engagement, and overall improve individuals’ wellbeing.


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